What Clients Say

In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, two thirds of our clients in the last two years responded. Here’s what we learned:

  • Most clients hired us for at least two services, many for more. Cited most often was:
    • Strategic Planning (80%)
    • Organizational Culture Assessment and Change (70%)
    • Executive Team Building (50%)
  • 50% said that they hired us because their last experience was good, or they were recommended to us by a colleague. 30% said they hired us because we most closely met their needs and had a reputation for quality and results.
  • 80% said that we understood their business issues very well, and 90% said that our communication with them was proactive – we called them before they called us!
  • 70% rated the quality of the reports, materials, and handouts as excellent, the rest rated it as good.
  • 70% said that we did an excellent job of modeling teamwork when working with them and each other, the rest said it was good.
  • 60% said the value received was excellent, the rest said it was good.
  • 100% said they’d hire us again!

“I couldn’t imagine reaching my goals without the endless support that Amber showed me day after day. She is truly amazing!”

— Client Feedback

“Cathy was the best facilitator I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been in the non-profit management field for 25 years, and worked with 20+ strategic plan facilitators, and she is by far the best.”

— Client Feedback

“Amber is a caring, supportive coach who puts forth great effort to help you reach your full potential. I loved working with Amber and fully recommend her as a coach.”

— Client Feedback

“Cathy sees the big picture as well as knows how to organize the details.”

— Client Feedback

“Amber’s energetic encouragement reinforces my ability to attain my goals.”

— Client Feedback

“Cathy’s candor and frankness. She gives clients and team mates the same straight talk.”

— Client Feedback

“Amber’s positive energy had a huge impact on my health and well-being. Not only is she a mindful listener but she always thinks outside the box when approaching challenges as a coach and mentor.”

— Client Feedback

“It was a tough process, but Cathy helped us to keep focused and moving towards our goal.”

— Client Feedback

What Was Most Valuable (from our 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey)

“Understanding our department and working with us to organize the process was key to a successful outcome.”

“The initial assessment of culture and the way it was built into our strategic planning was the key to success.”

“The time taken to understand team members, our overall organization, our strengths, and the key issues to address gave us the framework we needed to create results.”

“The protocols they used helped us navigate challenging team dynamics made our team more productive.”

“The culture assessment of the department, and the assistance with goals and strategies was most valuable.”

“They designed a stategic planning process for us that was rigorous and fit with our needs.”

“Timely, responsive expertise – actionable and met us where we were.”

“We value the tools they provided to our organization.”

“Very comprehensive process, especially cultural survey and assessment.”

“Cathy asserted a belief in what organizational leadership meant and, risking future work with our organization, shared that vision with the leader of the organization. Her actions demonstrated conviction towards the greater good and allowed an external voice to share information in a productive way.”

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